The callback_url is a highly suggested body param of the Create Payment API call.
Please be sure to enter the placeholder in lowercase ("})

It is a server notification, Satispay server notifies the e-commerce server about a payment status change.
  • We only notify a change in the payment status. We do not provide the payment status (accepted, canceled, pending..)
  • Perform the Get Payment Details in order to know the actual payment status
Note that the payment is completed on the Satispay App, therefore the payment is executed outside the e-commerce web session. If the callback is not correctly handled the e-commerce server might lose the order generation. Example:
  • User selects Satispay during the checkout process
  • The Satispay QR code is shown to the user
  • User scans the QR code from the Satispay app. Our app is displaying the order amount and the “confirm” button
  • The user kills the browser and then confirms the payment via Satispay app
  • On the Satispay side the transaction is correctly generated. On the e-commerce side no order has been generated