API to test your authentication. The API works with [GET|POST|PUT|DELETE|PATCH]


Sandbox only

Please note that this API works on Sandbox endpoint only.

Response details


  • authentication_key.role=PUBLIC => authentication failed

  • authentication_key.role=ONLINE_SHOP => authentication success

  • authentication_key.role=DEVICE => authentication success


  • The expected behavior of not passing any signature header is to get a 200 response with only the role key populated as PUBLIC
  • If you get a 403 or 401 error, either the signature string is malformed or the key-id is wrong or the public key has not been formatted correctly
  • If you get PUBLIC as role when providing the signature header, the key-id was recognized but the signature is wrong.

If the Test Authentication is NOT working

If your authentication is not working and you still get PUBLIC role, we suggest to double check both digest and signature with our tools:

If the Test Authentication IS working but not the other APIs

Make sure that:

  • You are adding all the mandatory headers
  • The Request path in the (request-target) includes the QUERY PARAMS