API to retrieve shop daily closure


200 OK

  • shop_daily_closure [object]: The daily closure of the shop
    • id [string]: Unique ID of the daily closure
    • type [string]: Type of the daily closure (SHOP)
    • customer_uid [string]: Unique ID of the shop
    • amount_unit [number]: The daily closure amount of the whole shop
    • currency [string]: The currency of the daily closure
  • pdf [object]: The receipt of the daily closure
    • url [string]: The pre-signed url to the daily closure pdf
    • expiration [date]: The expiration date of the pre-signed url
    • expire_in_sec [integer]: The time to live of the pre-signed url in seconds
    • bucket [string]: The bucket in which the pdf is stored
    • key [string]: The key of the pdf
    • http_method [string]: The http method that can be invoked on pre-signed url

400 Bad daily closure date format

  • code [integer]: Error code
  • message [string]: Error message

403 Forbidden or invalid authorization header

  • code [integer]: Error code
  • message [string]: Error message



  • Default offset is at 00:00 (midnight), unless a custom one has been requested
  • If daily closure is called before the end of the day, it will return the payments till that moment
  • Refunds impact the daily closure of the day when they have been executed