API to cancel/revoke a pre-authorized token or to associate an existing pre-authorized token in PENDING state with a consumer


200 OK

  • id [string]: Unique ID of the authorization token
  • code_identifier [string]: Generated code identifier
  • consumer_uid [string]: Unique ID of the consumer
  • shop_uid [string]: Unique ID of the shop
  • status [string]: Status of the authorization token (PENDING, ACCEPTED or CANCELED)
  • reason [string]: The reason why the token has been required
  • callback_url [string]: The url to be notified in case of change
  • metadata [object]: Metadata inserted within the authorization request

400 Bad request

  • code [integer]: Error code
    36 → missing or invalid fields
    173 → user not fund
  • message [string]: Error message

403 Forbidden or invalid authorization header

  • code [integer]: Error code
    34 → unauthorized
  • message [string]: Error message