Refunds can only be processed via our API.

To perform refunds you need to create a new payment with the REFUND flow.
You will need to send the parent_payment_uid with the payment id that you want to refund and the amount_unit that you want to refund for that specific payment.

We suggest you to fill the external_code with your internal order id, in order to better reconcile refunds in your payment reports.
This field will also be shown to the user via the Satispay app.

Refunds for payments without Meal Voucher

Refunds are only possible within 365 days from the payment creation date.
It is possible to create multiple partial refunds until you reach the total amount of the payment that you want to refund.

Refunds for payments with Meal Voucher

Refunds are only possible on the same day of payment creation and the total amount.
Partial refunds in the case of Meal Voucher are not available.