Payment - Dynamic Code

When the consumer scan a Dynamic Code to complete the payment


The Web-button - payment or the Web-redirect - payment are the preferred solutions. So rely on the Dynamic Code only if you cannot support the other solutions.

APIs required for this flow

Sequence diagram



Due to either Satispay being temporarily unavailable or network issues you might get an error when getting the payment details. In that case you must:

  • execute at least one retry of the Get payment details
  • execute an Update payment with action CANCEL_OR_REFUND (and re-iterate the call until you get a confirmation).

Executing a CANCEL_OR_REFUND we avoid the case of a user who confirms a payment, the payment is accepted but you do not issue the product to the user.


Display resolution

Dynamic Code can be displayed as a QrCode on any display that has a pixel resolution of at least 21x21.