Funds lock - Web-redirect

When the merchant wants to lock the funds for a payment by displaying a QrCode or by letting the consumer type the mobile phone number on a screen.
The interface to display the QrCode or the mobile phone number field is handled by the Web Redirect that is a solution that redirects the user to a Satispay web-page to complete the payment.

The consumer can scan the Dynamic Code or type the mobile phone number and confirm the payment to complete it.


E-commerce on mobile browser

The Satispay app automatically intercept the funds lock payment when the Web-redirect is loaded on a mobile browser and brought back the user to the e-commerce website once the operation has been completed.

APIs required for this flow


When creating a funds lock payment for the Web-redirect, the callback_url and the redirect_url are mandatory body params.

Payment page

After the funds lock payment is created, redirect the user to the redirect_url returned in the response.

Sequence diagram

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