One-off - Payment link

When the merchant wants to create a payment link that allows the consumer to send a payment with or without a pre-filled amount.

APIs required for this flow

Compose a payment link

Retrieve the id of the shop through the shop profile API and add it to the following URL{id}{id}

To compose a payment link with the pre-filled amount, query param must be added{id}?amount={amount_in_cents}{id}?amount={amount_in_cents}


Generate link without API integration

The payment link can be composed without integrating any API but by copying it from the Satispay Business app. In order to do that:

  1. Download the Satispay Business app for smartphone
  2. Generate an Activation code from the Dashboard shop page
  3. Copy the General or the Custom request link from the Remote payment section of the app

Sequence diagram




Due to either Satispay being temporarily unavailable or network issues you might get an error when updating the payment to accept it. In that case you must:

  • execute at least one retry of the Update payment with action ACCEPT
  • execute an Update payment with action CANCEL_OR_REFUND (and re-iterate the call until you get a confirmation).

Executing a CANCEL_OR_REFUND we avoid the case of a user who confirms a payment, the payment is accepted but you do not issue the product to the user.