Automatic funds lock - Web Redirect

When the merchant wants to obtain the authorization to execute recurring funds locks on a consumer by displaying a QrCode or by letting the consumer type the mobile phone number on a screen.
The interface to display the QrCode or the mobile phone number field is handled by the Web Redirect that is an embeddable JavaScript that loads the Satispay Payment option on your client.

The consumer can scan the Dynamic Code or type the mobile phone number and confirm the authorization.


E-commerce on mobile browser

The Satispay app automatically intercept the funds lock payment when the Web-redirect is loaded on a mobile browser and brought back the user to the e-commerce website once the operation has been completed.

APIs required for this flow


When creating an authorization token for the Web-redirect, the callback_url and the redirect_url are mandatory body params.

Authorization page

After the authorization token is created, redirect the user to the redirect_url returned in the response.

Sequence diagram


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